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This is your place to find out anything related to camping, and camping gear. The health benefits of camping and being in Nature. And what to do when you need the effects of the forest but can’t get there to camp.

Learn How To Camp’s objective is to discuss all varieties of camping, camping gear, and equipment reviews, camping related topics. Share the best camping spots and campgrounds and help the forests thrive.

Learn How to Camp’s Mission Statement

At Learn How To Camp, we believe there’s nothing more unstoppable than when people come together with a passion in common. Our passion, camping in the great outdoors.

This blog’s mission is to create a global community of diverse individuals who will support and inspire one another by providing a platform for networking and sharing ideas relating to camping, favorite camping locations and the equipment we love to use. To educate newcomers into camping. and camping equipment. Also, increase skills and knowledge for seasoned campers and provide a place for skills to be shared in a community focused on camping.

We promote Leave No Trace and encourage you to also.

I ask you to share your knowledge and skills, ask questions, participate in discussions, tell stories and become an integral part of this community. Together we can become better campers, take care of our forests, share ideas, learn outdoor skills and provide other campers with a fun and worthwhile experience.

Start your camping adventure today by reading Introduction To Camping

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